What we do

The new revolution in nano-science, engineering and technology is being driven by our ability to manipulate matter at the molecular, nanoparticle, and colloidal level to create “designer” structures. The Glotzer group uses computer simulation to discover the fundamental principles of how nanoscale systems of building blocks self-assemble, and to discover how to control the assembly process to engineer new materials. By mimicking biological assembly, we are exploring ways to nano-engineer materials that are self-assembling, self-sensing, and self-regulating.

The group is developing theory and molecular simulation tools to understand these materials, and elucidate the nature of supercooled liquids, glasses, and crystallization.

The Glotzer group develops in-house, open-source software for simulation, data analysis, and more. We invite the scientific community to learn more and utilize our software.

  • Watch interview with Professor Sharon Glotzer where she explains how emergence, entropy and order can all fit together
  • Glotzer Group Members May 2017
  • Watch interview with Professor Sharon Glotzer