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If you find HOOMD-blue useful in your research, please cite it. See the citation page for instructions.

Docker/Singularity images

Pull the glotzerlab/software images to get HOOMD-blue along with many other tools commonly used in simulation and analysis workflows. Use these images to execute HOOMD-blue in Docker/Singularity containers on Mac, Linux, and cloud systems you control and on HPC clusters with Singularity support. CUDA and MPI operate with native performance on supported HPC systems. See full usage information and in the glotzerlab/software documentation.


$ singularity pull shub://glotzerlab/software


$ docker pull glotzerlab/software

Anaconda packages

HOOMD-blue is available on conda-forge. To install, first download and install miniconda. Then add the conda-forge channel and install hoomd:

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge
$ conda install hoomd

If you have already installed hoomd in conda, you can upgrade to the latest version:

$ conda update hoomd

The HOOMD-blue conda-forge package has minimal system requirements. Note that it does not support execution on the GPU or on multiple ranks with MPI - use Singularity containers for high performance applications.

  • On Linux:
    • A recent Linux distribution (such as CentOS/RHEL 6, Ubuntu 14.04, or newer)
  • On Mac:
    • OSX 10.8 or newer


Use git to clone from HOOMD-blue's git repository, or download the source from this website.

See the user manual for system requirements and build instructions.

See the change log for details on each release.