Biointerfaces institute: The Glotzer Lab

The Glotzer Lab is part of the Biointerfaces Institute and is located at the center of the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC).
2800 Plymouth Road, Building 10
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


The Biointerfaces Visualization Lab (vislab) is a computer lab with 4 powerful graphics workstations available for use by the Biointerfaces Institute at the University of Michigan. It’s purpose is to enable researchers to interactively visualize high-resolution, large scale simulation output or experimental data. Example uses include:

  • Visualizing simulation / experimental data
  • Interactive data analysis and exploration
  • Visualization of real-time simulation results
  • Small group discussions around the 10-ft visualization wall

Funding for the vislab is provided by the Biointerfaces Institute and UMOR. It is designed in cooperation with a larger campus wide effort by the UM3D lab to provide visualization hubs throughout campus.
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3D Lab

3D printers, also known as 3D rapid-prototypers, are capable of producing high-resolution prototypes and complex models. Here at the Glotzer Group we currently have one ABS 3D printer: MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer available to students. The necessary file can be produced from a variety of different 3D modeling softwares.