One framework, two packages:

The framework currently provides two packages:

  • signac – for data management
  • signac-flow – for workflow management

The signac core package is primarily concerned with data management and by design largely workflow-agnostic.

The signac-flow package provides workflow-specific components for the implementation of simple to complex workflows for a signac project.

API Documentation

The full documentation is hosted at and

Tutorial and Examples

The fastest way to learn how to use signac is to go through the tutorial!

After that, we recommend to go through the documentation for signac-flow, which serves both as reference and tutorial.

We have collected some examples on how to use signac in combination with other tools, including HOOMD-blue, GROMACS, and Quantum-Espresso.


All source code is maintained with git on bitbucket:

Issues and feature requests

Please use bitbucket’s issue tracker to report bugs or request new features!

Get help

To get additional help, please join the signac gitter chat room or send an email to